Perspectives of italian investments for japanese markets

By <b>Lorenzo Duca</b>

By Lorenzo Duca

Japanese translator & market advisor

In the last twenty years Japanese consumers have shown an increasing interest in “Made in Italy” products. As a matter of fact, Japan represents a mature and sophisticated market, in which many Italian companies had chosen to invest. So, it is fundamental to focus not only on the quantitative analysis of economical assets that are typical of the Japanese economy, but also on the importance of intercultural communication during the negotiation itself. Jalea Business helps students to get in touch with real situations thanks to a great number of exercises and videos, which are a better tool to comprehend the complexity of Japanese business environment.


Japan’s foreign investments

Japan’s foreign investments Linkedin Instagram According to Nakamura, the economical fall is mainly caused by the tendency of Japan to “close the door” to foreign

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  • Graduated in Language and Society of Japan
  • MARCOM Post Graduate Programme in B2C Marketing
  • Currently: Master degree in Economics of Japan
  • Cross-Cultural Marketing